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Van Diest Supply Company is a farm inputs distributor for all of the major agricultural chemical companies. We are committed to providing products and services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. We create and support long-lasting partnership relationships with our Customers, our Suppliers and our Team Members. We strive to be the supplier of choice in the markets we serve by building strong partnership relationships with our Customers and our Suppliers. We do this by supplying the highest quality, best performing products available in our industry at competitive prices while providing superior service. If we can help our Customers and our Suppliers be successful, then we will be successful.


At Van Diest Supply Company PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. We believe people build relationships with people who have a sincere interest in their business and a desire to help them. We have 22 Area Managers located throughout the Midwest with over 700 years of combined experience. You’ll have a designated Area Manager available to sit down with you to learn about your company, your history and your goals. Area Managers will then work with you to come up with a business plan to help you be successful along with supplying the technical support and training to make your plan a reality. 

Ag Area Managers

Facilities and Equipment

Our products are warehoused at our twenty distribution centers then sold and delivered to approximately 6,000 dealers throughout an eighteen-state area located in the heart of the Midwest Cornbelt. Van Diest Supply Company locations include over 660,000 square feet of company-owned warehouse space in our distribution centers to serve our customers. Products are delivered to dealers from our nineteen distribution centers by company-employed Drivers in company-owned trucks. Our company-owned delivery fleet consists of 85 semi tractors, 68 straight trucks and 144 pickups. We have 82 van trailers for packaged goods and 34 bulk transports. Van Diest Supply Company can deliver nearly 5 million pounds of product per day with our own delivery fleet. We believe owning our own equipment and facilities and employing our own Drivers provides us more control to better serve our dealers.

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